The Doldrums

Remember Daily

Daily Remembrance

Day 2

  • Depression be gone,
  • Organise myself, at least try to,
  • Laugh really hard at something silly and enjoy it,
  • Dance to the radio,
  • Remember I have a very precious family,
  • Understand how I am feeling,
  • Make someone else smile,
  • Sing as loud as I can and hope the neighbours don’t hear.

The sun is shining on and off here today and there is a chill in the air, summer I fear is waning, far to soon, the shadows in the garden are getting longer and the leaves are turning and starting to fall, but my beautiful Buddleia flowers are still attracting butterflies, which is nice to see, even though most of them have gone brown now.

I am really not looking forward to the winter, although I do love crisp, frosty winter mornings, I hate the gloomy rainy days, the grey days and the darkness that comes with them, but for now I shall not think of them and look forward to the Autumn with its sprinkling of sunshine and amazing colours.


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